Mini-house addition

We broke ground on one of our latest project, a addition to a house in Amsterdam North!! The journey to actually building this project has been quite interesting so far. It all started with the clients having a hard time convincing the municipality that extending their home with a 4 meter long addition was a good idea. We met the clients months after they had started with the plans to convince the municipality. All plans were unfortunately rejected. Our assignment sounded simple: design a 4 meter extension to the house that the municipality will approve of. Due to all the governmental restrictions this turned out to be quite the challenge.

A lot of cups of coffee, even more little models and some emails back and fourths later, we manage to negotiate an attraction solution. We designed the extension to look like a mini version of the house itself with a 1 meter strip of glass completely separating the house and the extension. Besides getting the approval from the municipally, the clients were to see the extension mutate from a plain box to a spacial, green covered volume.