Laarman Lab

Status: in progress (building permit)
Client: Joris Laarman Studio
Program: Office / Design Lab
Design: cc-studio
Structural design: cc-studio
Gross floor area: 600 m²
Project team: Danny Van Kessel, Gerald Lindner, Heather Stimpson
Renderings: Malgorzata Mader
Acoustic research: GeluidBuro
Construction research: BVL Bouwadvies

Step by step

Technology is developing faster than ever before. Endlessly trying, refining, improving until slowly, something begins to emerge. Joris Laarman Studio is a dynamic playground for experiments. How do you accommodate a company that constantly evolves and changes?
The basic idea is that the building should be designed for constant change. A flexible grid allows for walls to be removed and put back. You can take out two of the studio-spaces to make a bigger maker-space. Or take out 6 studio’s to create a atrium-like exhibition area.
We are currently developing the flexible grid system. Stay tuned for more info and images of the building phase!

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