Tiny Village Koedijk

Status: built
Client: Cooperation LiberTerra (CPO)
Location: Alkmaar, NL
Size: 600 m2
Program: 10 tiny houses + community building
Design: cc-studio
Structural design: BSH bouwadvies
Building system: Mindful Homes
Project team: Danny van Kessel, Heather Stimpson
Renderings: Malgorzata Mader
Tiny House Koedijk is a sustainable community of 10 movable, self-build tiny houses that range from 26 m2 to 62 m2. Together with builder Mindful Homes, we designed a family of basic modules that, ones built, can be transported as a whole. The clients can design their own Tiny House by combining different modules. Keeping the modules simple, resulted in affordable but fully customizable houses.
The starting point was that the clients should be able to build and finish their homes themselves, after the foundation has been set up. Assembly is simple since the entire timber frame has been precut by cnc machine, so all the parts slot effortlessly into each other.

The ambition is to realize a sustainable community of ecologically responsible homes, in which residents solve social challenges together. The community addresses the great lack of affordable housing for starters, families with a limited budget and the elderly. In addition, there is a need for inspiring locations for the combination of living, learning and working; where residents, government, social organizations and the business community work together. With Tiny House Koedijk, we try to make a contribution to these social challenges related to care and well-being.

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