Interview Katus

The Estonian experts on prefabricated housing in wood, Katus, interviewed cc-studio’s Gerald and asked him how it is to live in this very special house. A big thank you to Katus for helping us finding our way in the wood industry in the Baltic countries. It was great meeting you again. Thanks for taking the time and effort to fly to Amsterdam and talk to us!

KasCo® on The Sustainability Vlog

The Sustainability Vlogger, James Marzotto, published video #2 of the The Sustainability Vlog on Eco Architecture featuring our KasCo® greenhouseproject in  Amsterdam. James talked to Gerald and toured our first KasCo® house in Amsterdam. KasCo® is a great example of taking on projects that we know are going to be fun as well as rewarding. As sustainability professionals, we all have a lot of work to do and we should all try to find ways to have fun doing it.

How does KasCo® Amsterdam work?

For KasCo® Amsterdam we teamed up with Huibert Sporenburg from OFME to help us in the engineering of the energy system and how the building stores solar energy. Click here to read the whole article written by Huibert.