Salt X innovation award!

cc-studio won the SaltX Innovation Award during the yearly SaltX hackathon! It was also the first time SaltX handed out a SaltX Innovation Award. During the hackathon innovators addressed the goal to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and increase the resilience towards the energy needs on islands. We are super happy with the jury rapport for our plan for a completely novel solution to use salts in building construction and maintenance.

Learning by doing

Not everything has to be super serious. Why not have some fun and teach kids about architecture at the same time? Gerald too some time off to visit his daughters school for a workshop ‘learning by doing’. The 4 to 6 year olds were thrilled to build their own piñata cabin. The result was certainly very colorful.

Kavel A (almost) done

Is has been awhile since we posted an update on our CPO project Kavel A. Were are happy to report that after a summer of working non stop, the project is almost completely done. The houses have been finished and the 14 families have received the key of their brand new home.

The last thing left to be build is the parking structure that is half submerged in the courtyard of the 14 houses. The roof of the parking will be accessible and act like a gigant green covered communal garden (and a great place for a BBQ )

Rammed Oosterwold

We are finally able to tell you a bit more about one of our new projects: Oosterwold K528. We were commission to design a single family house for a lovely mother and her son in the new development area Oosterwold. The area of Oosterwold seems to attract certain type of people that we really enjoy to work with. Project K528 is the third commission as of yet for Oosterwold. For Oosterwold K528 we were able to combine all our qualities: a healthy vapor open house with a beautiful eco-tech rammed earth skin. All of this combined with the amazing plot resulted in a very specific spacial experience. At the moment we are preparing the drawings and calculations for the building permit. Fingers crossed!

Interview Katus

The Estonian experts on prefabricated housing in wood, Katus, interviewed cc-studio’s Gerald and asked him how it is to live in this very special house. A big thank you to Katus for helping us finding our way in the wood industry in the Baltic countries. It was great meeting you again. Thanks for taking the time and effort to fly to Amsterdam and talk to us!

KasCo® on The Sustainability Vlog

The Sustainability Vlogger, James Marzotto, published video #2 of the The Sustainability Vlog on Eco Architecture featuring our KasCo® greenhouseproject in  Amsterdam. James talked to Gerald and toured our first KasCo® house in Amsterdam. KasCo® is a great example of taking on projects that we know are going to be fun as well as rewarding. As sustainability professionals, we all have a lot of work to do and we should all try to find ways to have fun doing it.

How does KasCo® Amsterdam work?

For KasCo® Amsterdam we teamed up with Huibert Sporenburg from OFME to help us in the engineering of the energy system and how the building stores solar energy. Click here to read the whole article written by Huibert.