Gerald Lindner.

Partner & Structural Designer
If I hadn’t become an engineer, probably I would have entered fashion. Luckily at cc-studio, I can combine both my broad love for hard-core technological knowledge with a passion for tectonics. Thus creating interesting, often unique and sometimes strange blends: the skin-like, cradle to cradle, PTFE Fabric Facade that rustles in the wind, the elegant skirt like UHPC connection joint, the carefully engineered glasshouse envelope and plan-libre structure, mirrored in a lively pond of a regenerative agriculture garden.
Creative Fitting
My drive is not only to make sustainable design contribute towards a healthy world to live in, but also to celebrate human ability to create beauty and wonder. The embodiment of Ian McHarg’s concept of “creative fitting” at its fullest. That means no compromise, always dialogue, to develop a deeper understanding and together find an optimal balance. That’s why I’m proud cc-studios governance is based on the principle of critically informed consent. Not always easy, but always worth it. To change the world we must start with ourselves.
My keywords are out-of-the-box creative innovator, bio-based designer and engineer, open building & glass-house expert.