Peter Heideman.

Partner & Architect
For the past 20 years, I've developed a signature hand sketching technique in which I, as a sculptor, unfold an entire three-dimensional building into just one communicative sketch.
Playfully spatial
The twisted perspectives with multiple vanishing points unleash spatial relations and hidden niches of the design in one unique drawing. All the elements in the design are related and routed to one another. The illustration is like a guided tour through the various levels of spatial transformation, jumping from scale to scale. The small details are connected to large scale as space flows from furniture into interior into a building. The structure transforms into a sculpture, inspired by nature and resilience. An architecture I can justify to my daughters.
It's hard to tell whether the built structure is an illustration of the sketch or vice versa. To me, they are expressions of the same thought and how I sense space. Both become works of art as every project is a unique tailor-made suit to envelop my client's needs.
Quantum dad
My father was a quantum mechanics professor, perhaps that is why jump from scale to scale ;)